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History – Сhâteau de la Rochepot

Сhâteau de la Rochepot received its name and architecture thanks to to Regnier Pot, a crusader, Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece and a master of the court of Philip II the Bold, Duke of Burgundy.

During the 15th century Pot family turned a rocky peak to the fortress, which valiantly resisted the influence of time.

In later centuries the castle was passing from hand to hand. Its owners were members of the Montmorency family and Cardinal Retz.

The castle was renamed the Château de la Roche Fidèle («Castle of the faithful mountain”) after the French Revolution. It was declared the national property and was purchased by a contractor, who demolished some parts of the buildings. He began with a fortress, selling it stone by stone. Subsequently, the castle was passing from hand to hand.

Like many other monuments of this period, the castle could disappear, becoming a ruin, but in 1893, Madame Carnot, the wife of Sadi Carnot, the president of France (1887-1894), bought the ruins of the Château de la Rochepot and o ered it as a gift to an older son, Colonel Sadi Carnot. He decided to give the second life to the castle and restore it according to the original style of the 15th century.

It took more than 25 years to realize this ambitious goal. The reconstruction was based on the data from archives, archaeological excavations to comply with the full historical authenticity. About 600 local residents were involved in the construction work, many of whom were unemployed after the death of the vineyards from the epidemic of phylloxera.

Because of its uniqueness, elegance and its glorious history, Chateau de la Rochepot has become a symbol of Burgundy in the world.

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Château de La Rochepot

+33(0) Chateau de La Rochepot
La Rochepot, 21340
Côte-d'Or, Burgundy
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