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Privatisation – Château de la Rochepot

We offer you an unforgettable experience to host a private event in the traditional Burgundian atmosphere: 

• private celebrations (weddings, birthdays, corporate events, romantic dinners);

• wine tastings;

• gastronomic evenings and culinary classes.



The classified antique kitchen of the castle can be used for performing unforgettable gastronomic events in the traditional and authentic historical atmosphere of French cuisine.


There is a terrace with a magnificent view to the castle. It can be an ideal place for weddings and other events in the warm seasons of the year.

A wedding arch could be perfectly placed at the terrace so the guests may observe the ceremony enjoying the spectacular view of the castle. In case of the bad weather conditions it is possible to hold the ceremony in the indoor part of the terrace.

There is an equipped kitchen in the indoor part of the terrace that allows preparing dishes for gastronomic events.


There is small chapel on the territory of the castle, where you can hold a traditional wedding ceremony.

Rest of the time the chapel can be used as an art-gallery.


The outdoor patio in the inner courtyard of the castle is an ideal place for a summer barbecue , dinner with a small company (about 20 people) or a cocktail party.

The terrace has a canopy in case of bad weather.

The splendid view point

It is possible to organize a cocktail party at the terrace with a romantic view of the village, which is particularly fascinating in the evenings. There is also a possibility to arrange a small stage for dancing and performances.

Salle de guard

In the closed part of the castle we offer two halls for events:

This hall has a medieval spirit of gothic atmosphere of the Middle Ages. It is decorated with knights’ armor and old weapons. It can be used for wine tastings, dinners and other events. The hall allows to host up to 80 guests.

The stateroom

Тhe luxury room with the hand-painted motives and initials of the colonel Sadi Carnot on the walls, decorated with original paintings, tapestries and sculptures brings every guest to festive spirits. It’s original fireplace, that has perfectly survived to our days, creates a warm and cosy atmosphere. This could be a perfect place for the wedding dinner or just a special evening. The hall is suitable for 80 guests.

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Château de La Rochepot

+33(0) Chateau de La Rochepot
La Rochepot, 21340
Côte-d'Or, Burgundy
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